Our Story

You’re in control of your money.
We’re just here to help.

Financial accessibility is a major challenge for most people. We believe that everyone, everywhere, should have access to technology that helps them make payments as easy and cheap as possible. By giving people a better and smarter way to manage and move their money, we’re helping to shorten the road to financial inclusion and making secure, instant, and hassle-free payments a reality for both individuals and businesses around the world.

There are banks.
Then there’s JoJoPay.

Offering an innovative end-to-end financial solution to businesses and consumers, JoJoPay’s products and rich features consists of online payments, mobile payments, tap payments, JoJoPay prepaid cards, bills payment, real-time funds transfer and more. With more functionality than any other bank, JoJoPay looks to advance financial inclusion by empowering the under/unbanked majority.

JoJoPay can and will address the issues associated to any economy, industry or market dominated by cash transactions such as inefficiency, fraud and lack of transparency and accountability.

Exploring the possible,
changing banking for the better.

We’re setting a new standard in an industry where current systems remain institutional, fragmented, and complicated for many. Our vision is to transform the way people manage their money with the latest technology, in order to offer a modern banking experience with more choices, better protection, greater transparency, and reasonable pricing that’s fair to you and our business.

We’re building a cashless ecosystem
and we’d like for you to join us.