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JoJoCare is part of JoJo's service ecosystem with the grand vision of providing virtual professional services for people who need it most. The JoJo community has access to experts in several areas like Medical, Legal, Education, Media, Editing Services, Construction, and Health and Wellness and JoJoCare aims to allow users to connect with these professionals easily and conveniently through online consultations or sessions.

Most definitely. Your skills and expertise will prove valuable to our community. If you are a skilled and licensed individual in the medical, legal, education, creative arts, and general wellness field, you are very much welcome to join the JoJoCare community and continue your practice online.

Currently, JoJoCare is available via web browser but we’re working on releasing a mobile app soon to make it easier for Pros and Clients to access and use JoJoCare.

On the home page, choose ‘I need JoJoCare’ if you want to consult a professional or choose ‘I am JoJoCare’ if you’re signing up to provide your service. For clients, complete your profile information and you’re all set. For professionals, timely verification and approval is dependent on the submission of complete documents. Once all documents are submitted, the verification process may take about 1-2 business days.

JoJoCare has a pool of practitioners and licensed physicians to ensure you get the best quality of service. However, we recommend using JoJoCare only for consultations and not for emergency situations. In case of any critical cases requiring on-site medical attention, kindly dial emergency services in your area immediately or dial 911 for assistance.

JoJoCare takes the security of the JoJo community seriously. Our Privacy Policy indicates that all personal data are strictly confidential and shall never be shared with anyone without your permission.

JoJoCare allows users to connect and consult with skilled and licensed professionals across various fields including medical, legal, education, arts, fitness, and general health and wellness via virtual sessions.

Anyone of legal age (18 and above) can use JoJoCare. Users can permit dependents below 18 to use the platform with discretion and due diligence to ensure responsible use.

JoJoCare is a global platform with both national and international reach and can be accessed by anyone from all over the world.

Clients can pay per booking or choose from the membership plans based on their preferences.

Having a free account still allows you to consult with any or all of the available professionals in the platform. If you’d like to be a member, you can enjoy a number of benefits and perks including more payment options, earn points, redeem rewards, and get special discounts on booking fees

We update our website to show available promotions if any. We also send notifications and reminders via email or SMS about the latest deals and exciting packages you can enjoy

To ensure the best experience in using JoJoCare, please be guided by the following technical requirements:

  1. Browser: Chrome v. 58 or later
  2. Core Duo System, laptop, minimum 2GB RAM, webcam, headset with mic
  3. Internet line speed minimum 1Mbps

We also recommend to always clear your cache before you begin.

Creating an Account

To create an account, simply visit and select “I need JoJoCare” then click the “Sign up” button. You will be prompted to enter your mobile number and a password and agree on the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. A verification code is sent to your mobile number to confirm your account registration. Once the 2FA code is entered, you will be requested to input your profile information as part of our KYC process. Once done, you’ll be able to fund your account and set an appointment with our Professionals.

To fund your JoJoCare account, click ‘Deposit’ on the side menu and choose the desired Deposit option. Below are the available deposit options:

  • Web Banking
  • Over-the-Counter
  • Promo Code
  • GCash
  • Paypal
  • Credit/ Debit Card

Absolutely! To withdraw from your JoJoCare Wallet, click ‘ Withdraw’ on the side menu and you will be securely redirected to Log in using your JoJoCare account, click ‘Send’, and choose to either send your money to a contact or to your bank account.

To update your mobile number or email address, please login to your JoJoCare account and click the “Profile” button from the left corner menu. Fill in the new mobile number or email address and validate update by entering the 2FA code sent on your mobile number or email address.

  1. To change your password, simply login to your JoJoCare account and click ‘Change Password’ on the side menu.
  2. Enter current Password once, and desired new Password twice, then click ‘Change Password’.
  3. A message notification will be displayed on the screen that you have successfully updated your password.
  1. To change PIN, simply login to your JojoCare account and click ‘Change PIN’ on the side menu.
  2. Enter current PIN once, and desired new PIN twice, then click ‘Change PIN’.
  3. A message notification will be displayed on the screen that you have successfully updated your PIN.
  1. To reset your password, go to the login page and click ‘Forgot Password’.
  2. Input your registered email address or mobile number..
  3. You will receive an email or an SMS containing the temporary password which you can use to access your account and change later.

In the event that you forgot your PIN, click ‘Forgot PIN’ and you will receive a temporary PIN to your registered Mobile Number that you can use to continue logging in. Don't forget to change your PIN in the 2FA Verification settings after.

  1. To change your 2FA Verification settings, simply login to your JoJoCare account and click ‘2FA Verification’ on the side menu.
  2. Choose one from the available options (Email, Mobile, Google Authenticator, and PIN); then click ‘Save’.
  3. Confirm update of 2FA Verification settings by entering your password.
  4. A message notification will be displayed on the screen that you have successfully updated your 2FA Verification.

We’d love for you to spread the word and help your friends get the right kind of care they need. Click the “Invite” button on the side menu and enter their email address. They will receive an email invite to sign up at my.jojocare.io.

No, you don’t have to be a member to be able to use JoJoCare. Registration is free for all. However, members get special privileges like discounts on booking fees and exclusive promos.

In the event that you want to completely disable your JoJoCare account, you may send us an email at support@jojocare.io

Booking Professionals

Consultation fee varies depending on the Professional. We highly suggest that you thoroughly review the Professional details as well as their fees before confirming your appointment. Please note that we charge a booking convenience fee of P100 (for non-members) or P50 (for members) on top of the consultation fee.

To view the Professionals availability, select ‘+New Appointment’, read our Cancellation Policy and click PROCEED.

  1. To set an appointment, please ensure that your account has sufficient balance.
  2. Select ‘+New Appointment’, read our Cancellation Policy and click PROCEED.
  3. Book a Professional by clicking the ‘BOOK’ button.
  4. Provide your desired time slot and reason for booking
  5. An SMS Notification will be sent to your desired Professional informing of your booking details.
  1. After booking your Professional, there is no reassurance that this is already a confirmed booking.
  2. A professional has the right to accept or decline a booking.
  3. If accepted, you’ll be notified via email and/or SMS once the Professional confirms your appointment.

Yes, however a refund policy will be applied. If you sent a notification to cancel at least 4 hours before the appointment, a full refund is eligible. If done within 4 hours before the confirmed schedule, 75% of the payment will be refunded. If there was no cancellation notice and the client is a no-show, there will be no refund.

All consultation history as well as deposit and payment transactions from the account opening is recorded in your Transaction History.

Yes, you can click on the “Folder Icon” button to send photos during your appointment. You can also share the screen as needed.

JoJoCare Professionals set time limits for the sessions to maximize the usage of the platform. Please see the table below for your reference.
Medical 30 minutes per session
Legal up to 1 hour
Education 1 hour
Creative Arts 1 hour
Wellness 1 hour
Others 1 hour


JoJoCare appointments are paid directly using the JoJoCare Wallet. But don’t worry, we have lots of Cash In options including Web Banking, Over-The-Counter Bank and Payment Centers, Promo Code Redemption, GCash, PayPal, and Debit or Credit Card.

Signing Up as A Professional

Go to my.jojocare.io and click I am JoJoCare to register. If you need further assistance, reach out to us at support@jojocare.io and we will guide you through the process.

We want to build a credible community and provide the best experience for clients who will book your service, therefore JoJoCare Professionals are required to submit documents that prove the legitimacy and validity of your profession and practice i.e., medical licenses, certifications, etc

Yes, you can onboard your existing client base and upload/send attachments or client records through our chat platform.

For regulated professions such as medical and/or legal consultations, necessary documents like licenses and certificates to verify your practice are needed. For more information, you may contact our Customer Service team to guide you better.

No, we accept Professionals from anywhere in the world as long as they can submit the required documents.

JoJoCare professionals earn the full amount of the professional/consultation fees they charge to their clients. You can dictate your own fees. We do not get a percentage from your consultation fee but instead, we charge a booking convenience fee of P100 (for non-members) or P50 (for members) to the client on top of your consultation fee.

JoJoCare Rewards is a point system program for Professionals and Clients. This is to incentivize users of the platform. Each action in JoJoCare has an equivalent point. Please refer to the table below for point/s earned.

User Action Point/s Earned
Professional Created Appointment 0.50 point
Professional Successful Appointment 2 points
Client Booked an Appointment 1 point
Clients Successful Appointment 4 points
Both Professional and Client Referral 0.50 point

JoJoCare Rewards can be used to redeem promotional items. You may refer to our JoJoCare Rewards Catalogue for the list of promotional items.

To redeem your JoJoCare Rewards, you may contact Support to claim the promotional item/s of your choice. Simply send a message to Support thru chat using JoJoCare platform.

For any issues with your account, feel free to contact us via Live Chat by logging into your JoJoCare account and click the “Support” button on the side menu or by sending us an email at support@jojocare.io

Our support team is available from Mondays to Fridays from 08:00AM to 08:00PM.

If you got disconnected during your appointment, you may rejoin to continue your session with our Professional.